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First Films, Then Music, Now Books


A Hands-on approach to book publishing
Tens of thousands of authors each year are choosing to take alternative methods to traditional publishing when it comes to getting their books into the hands of readers. In fact, both first-time and experienced authors find this is the fastest growing publishing option for them. These authors find that publishing services providers, like Author Solutions' industry-leading imprints, offer the expertise, distribution, services and marketing resources authors need to accomplish their publishing goals.

To the Author’s Advantage
Authors who choose to forego the traditional publishing route retain control of your work and rights - and that's very important. More often, these authors are selling film options of their books; and they have found an increasingly active market for their international and domestic book rights. Being able to control the destiny of your book gives you complete flexibility to "cash in" if the opportunity presents itself. With these new options available, authors are free to negotiate any other rights deals or sell to a traditional publisher at any time.

Another clear advantage is complete control of your content and input into the design of your book. Plus these publishing services providers help authors bring their books to market more quickly and provide higher royalties for every book sold, compared with traditional publishing. If you're not going to receive a six-figure advance from a traditional publisher, does it really make sense for you to still take that route?

"But I have to pay to get published"
The fact is that traditional publishers are offering fewer and smaller advances. Any publishing services provider will tell you, if you’re offered a large advance - take the money and run! But you could wait your whole life for one of these elusive fortunes. Why not get your book into the marketplace, in front of readers and industry professionals, and build a following?

Rather than accepting rejection, aspiring filmmakers and musicians have been for years investing in their works because they believe in them and believe in getting the work finished and to the public. I'm sure without too much thought, you can think of half a dozen films and bands that have hit the big time after seeking initial exposure on their own. Think that would've happened had they never given audiences the opportunity to decide if their work was good?

That’s the opportunity publishing services providers give authors. Your goal is to get published. Waiting patiently for another round of rejection letters is not going to get you any closer to that goal. Get your book out to readers and let them decide if they like it. So it’s time to take control of your book’s destiny and find publishing options that tailor to your needs. To find the indie book publisher that will best help you reach your publishing goals, click here